Recent Events

  • Run totals from 03/26 – 04/01 - The weekly run totals that cover from Monday March 26th thru Sunday April 1st. Total calls - 46 Medical Calls - 39 Motor Vehicle Crash - 5 Structure Fire - 1 Severn Wharf Rd  Other - 1 Fire Call for Electrical Smell in house
  • Run Totals from 02/26 – 03/04 - The following run totals cover from Monday Feb 26th through Sunday March 4th. Total calls - 44 Medical Calls - 27 Motor Vehicle Crash - 4 Structure Fire - 2 Brush Fires - 7 Calls (all different calls that came in Friday/Sat early morning) Fire Alarms -1 Other Calls -
  • Run Totals 9/25 – 10/01 - The following run numbers cover from Monday September 25th thru Sunday October 1st. Total calls 54 Medical Calls 47 Motor Vehicle Crash 3 Brush Fires 2 Fire Alarms 1 Other 1 Call Third party call for smoke coming from a roof / Unfounded
  • Run Totals 9/18 – 9/24 - The following run totals cover from Monday September 18th thru Sunday September 24th. Total calls - 50 Medical Calls 38 Calls Motor Vehicle Crash's 10 Calls Car Fires 1 Call Brush Fires 1 Call
  • OPEN HOUSE this Saturday - OPEN HOUSE, this Saturday after the Guinea Jubilee Parade until 430 PM at Station 2 in Bena. If you are interested in joining a Volunteer Fire and Rescue organization this as a perfect chance to see what the expectations are and what you want to get from the experience. We
  • Raising the Commonwealth and United States flags on the Coleman Bridge - This morning, Abingdon Fire & Rescue was dispatched to the Coleman Bridge Tender for a medical emergency. After the patient was transported, Abingdon Volunteer ...Firefighters Paul McNeely and Matt Clark, along with Gloucester Sheriffs Deputy Jeff Bailey raised the Commonwealth and United States flags during sunrise. Photo Credit: Paul McNeely
  • Run Totals from 9/11/17 to 9/17/17 - The following run totals cover from Monday 11th thru Sunday 17th. Total calls – 45 Medical Calls - 33 Motor Vehicle Crash - 9 Brush Fires - 1 Fire Alarms - 1 Other - 1 call for a camper on fire
  • Busy Day 9/17/2017 - A busy day so far, 10 calls, starting about midnight with a medical call, a camper on fire at 430 am, 2 car accidents and more medical calls, then the debris piles. One of the medical calls was handled by Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad as a mutual aid