Fire Investigation, Public Education & Events

Fire Investigation

The main function of the Prevention Officer for AVFR, also known as Prevention 2, is to conduct Origin and Cause investigations on all fires that involve a structure or a vehicle, within the AVFR fire district. Prevention 2 then prepares Origin and Cause reports that are available to law enforcement, insurance industry, and property owners. A request for these reports may be accessed on our website under the Prevention tab at

Fire Education

Other Fire/EMS personnel will support fire prevention and education on an as needed basis. For example, while fire prevention may be taught year round we place a special emphasis on fire prevention/education during October, which is fire prevention month. This is when we focus on taking a fire truck and an ambulance (If available) to the elementary schools in our Fire District (Abingdon and Achilles). There we teach the students about fire prevention, when to call 911, stop/drop/roll, and show the how the fire truck and ambulance is used. We have a fire fighter dress out in their full turnouts, with their air pack on, in front of the students to help them see what a firefighter will look like if they come into their home. We also hand out safety information and coloring books that help teach about fire safety.

Public Events

If you are interested in having AVFR participate in a public function please fill out an Event Request online which can also be accessed via the Prevention tab on our website at

Annual Events

The Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Santa rides on the fire truck and visits homes throughout the community. We give out candy canes and fire prevention materials to children and families. This has been a tradition for AVFR and families look forward to this.

In December, right before Christmas, AVFR also sets up a community event at the Bena Firehouse/Station 2. AVFR personnel work hard to make this an event where children and adults can come and eat and talk with your fire/EMS first responders. There is also a chance that Santa just may stop by before he has to return to the North Pole to prepare for his Christmas deliveries. This has been well received in the few years we have done this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (804) 642-2360, or via our Facebook page or website,

Tim Knight,
Assistant Chief, Prevention 2